A Proven History of
Life-Changing Results

It’s time to level up. Neurologics harnesses advanced brain wave technology to increase athlete performance and recovery. Our Brain Mapping and customized neuroengineering programs boost team efforts to protect athlete health, manage risk and attract recruits. Professional athletes and Olympians praise our proven results. MIT acclaims our innovation in behavioral neuroscience. And our FDA-registered technology is safe, non-invasive and convenient. It’s time to add Neurologics to your arsenal—before your competition beats you to it.

Neurologics delivers game-changing benefits to both players and coaches. You can see how we make measurable impact and learn how to become a Cognitive Athlete™ by exploring each of our three Pillars: Perform, Recover and Team.

To get a rubber-meets-the-road feel for what it will look like to engage in your customized Neurologics program, check out Optimization Process.

The proof is in the results

Real human beings – our clients – are the source of all the data we collect. Read what they say about Neurologics:


The Neurologics Model:
Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG)
Accurate Assessment + Effective Optimization = Proven Outcomes

Phase One:

Accurate Assessment

Electroencephalogram (EEG) technology has been around for almost a century, but technological limitations prevented scientists from using EEG data to create practical applications for humans. Neurologics brings EEG into the 21st century with cutting-edge qEEG: Quantitative Electroencephalogram combines traditional EEG with proprietary software that creates a precise assessment, with unmatched accuracy.

Neurologics analyzes signals from two hundred ninety-three activities in the brain using best-in-class software. Individual results are compared with multiple datasets compiled by renowned research institutions such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and New York University. Test results form the basis of the Individual Report of Findings.

A total brain health assessment, with results that show up on the field and in the classroom.

Please note:  Brain Mapping and optimization can take place in the off-season.

Phase Two:

Targeted Neuroengineering

Neurologics Individual Report of Findings empowers clients to begin a customized qEEG optimization plan designed by an experienced team of neurologists, computer engineers, and behavioral scientists. Expert clinicians guide a series of sessions that pair specific brain-training exercises with real-time qEEG analysis. Cognitive tasks are performed from the comfort of home, office, dorm, or hotel room while measuring brain activity.

Neurologics Neuroengineering® unleashes radical improvements in brain performance. Data from these sessions are used to refine and perfect training over time. A client’s personalized optimization plan evolves through the optimization process. The brain learns, grows and reaches an optimal level of performance that can transform a client’s life.

The Neurologics Advantage

Our Neuroengineering Technologists come to you for a personalized brain-mapping session. We process the data, create your Brain Map, and recommend Neuroengineering options.

Once your customized plan is in place, your Neuroengineering Coach conducts three sessions per week at a convenient time.  Professional and student athletes do Neurologics Neuroengineering® at home, on the road and in the off-season.

What to expect

Neurologics achieves results by applying state-of-the-art technology to the real-life activity of your unique brain. We tailor every step of the process to meet your specific needs. From intake to mapping to assessment to optimization, we use the power of technology and depth of our practical experience to create the best outcomes for you.

How Neurologics Works

You do not need to know the technical details behind Neurologics to benefit from our optimization plans. Once you learn the basics you will understand why we stand out from other EEG-based therapies and see why we are confident Neurologics will make a significant difference in your life. The Brain is the Brain is the Brain®. We have a unique technology that targets how the brain works, not based on an artificial “label.” Once we have an accurate assessment, we fix the brain wiring at the base level.

The thumbnail version of our process:

  • We collect more data with more precision from more brain locations than any other qEEG therapy available.
  • We use cutting-edge, proprietary processing technology to analyze qEEG data with power and accuracy no one else can match.
  • We create the best Brain Map anyone can – guaranteed.
  • We combine assessment and analysis to remove subjective guesswork to create an objective assessment the first time.

Once we have your Brain Map and assessment, we design a custom Neuroengineering program that teaches your neurons to fire at the optimal time and intensity to maximize cognitive efficiency and improve overall performance.

Click the link below to take a deep dive into the science that makes Neurologics the best EEG-based brain performance program in the world.

Why use Neurologics?

Uses FDA Registered Technology

Improved academic eligibility

Higher graduation rate

Better recall of the playbook

Players report faster reaction time

Stronger hand-eye coordination

Players become more resilient to stress