To win, you can’t hold back.  So you give it your all.  And you take a beating.   Some kinds of injuries—even bad ones—are at least easy to understand.  Torn muscles, tendons and ligaments, damaged joints…they make themselves loud and clear.  Recovering from them is difficult, but not difficult to understand.

What about brain injuries?  They’re tricky.  Small brain injuries accumulate over time.  They can easily fall under your radar, but still impact your attention, perception, motor function, memory, senses, emotions and decision-making years after they’ve occurred.  Even large brain injuries can show up in unexpected ways, at unexpected times.  What is the real extent of your injury?  What does recovery look like?  How can you be sure you’re making progress?

Neurologics shines a light on these troubling questions, and clears your path to recovery.

With a Neurologics Brain Map, you’ll see exactly which brain activities are operating inefficiently.  And with a highly customized, convenient neuroengineering program, you’ll see yourself rebuilding capacity in precisely those brain activities.  You’ll have none of the uncertainty that comes from traditional therapy or cognitive training.  Because our qEEG technology listens directly to your brain.  Your brain waves tell us what to fix, and give us updates on how well they’re being repaired.

Contrast Neurologics with traditional methods for treating brain injuries:

TRADITIONAL approaches for brain injury recovery: rest, physical & occupational therapy, psychology & psychiatry, social support NEUROLOGICS Brain Maps and Neuroengineering
 General Symptom Relief Permanent Cognitive Repair
 Imprecise Measurements & Diagnoses Pinpoint Accuracy
 Inconvenient, appointment-based Highly convenient, over the internet

You’ll know what you’re dealing with.  You’ll see your progress.  You’ll recover, and you’ll recover with confidence.