Optimization Process

FIRST: Brain Mapping

We begin by “mapping” your brain to measure how it currently functions. We use qEEG to measure brain waves associated with 293 distinct brain activities, to see how efficiently these activities operate, individually and in combination. We measure your brain both at rest and at work.

SECOND: Results Analysis

We analyze the data from your Brain Mapping session. A neurologist examines the data and compares it to a database of over 100,000 Brain Maps from an internationally shared data center in Washington, D.C. This analysis highlights patterns in your brain function. It shows where and how your brain functions differently from other brains. We summarize the analysis in your individual Report of Findings.

THIRD: Optimization Plan

Neurologics creates a customized brain optimization program based on your Report of Findings. Your program implements training to build capacity and efficiency in precisely the brain activities that need it, as identified from your Brain Map.

FOURTH: Optimization Process

You undergo your customized brain optimization program—from wherever is most convenient for you. All you need is a laptop, a good internet connection and some easy-to-use equipment that we’ll provide. The optimization process is typically conducted during the off-season of your sport. It is comprised of 50-minute sessions, usually three days per week over a period of four months, similar to taking a class.

FIFTH: Mid-point Mapping

At the mid-point of your customized brain optimization program, we’ll map your brain a second time. This lets us measure the progress you’ve made. And it allows us to refine your program, fine-tuning it even more closely to your brain’s individual needs.

SIXTH: Proof of Optimization

Once you have completed your optimization program, we’ll map your brain a third time. Together, we’ll compare images and measurements of your brain activity from before and after optimization. You’ll see the difference. You’ll have the hard numbers. You’ll gain confidence, and take it with you.

The sample images below clearly show the kind of dramatic improvement in brain function you can achieve with Neurologics.