You’re responsible for a lot.  Everything that goes into winning, and winning sustainably…it’s all your concern.

  • How do I maximize individual athlete performance?
  • How do I protect athlete health and wellness?
  • How do I manage risk?
  • How can I gain a recruiting edge?

Each one of these questions probes obstacles to team performance.  Neurologics helps you tackle all of them.

Neurologics harnesses best-in-class brain wave technology and analysis to produce individual Brain Maps and customized Neuroengineering programs for your athletes. Brain Maps give your athletes and your team a ton of value:

Brain Map Benefits:

  • Reveal strengths and issues in 293 distinct brain activities
  • Measure brain activities in real time, with the athlete’s brain at work
  • Visualize and measure the effects of concussions with pinpoint accuracy
  • Pinpoint key brain issues that hinder peak performance
  • Pave the way a for customized Neuroengineering programs

Neurologics customized Neuroengineering extracts critical information from Brain Maps to design powerful brain-training programs.  Programs to overcome obstacles to performance:

Neuroengineering Benefits:

  • Significant gains in Attention & Focus, Perception & Motor Function, Decision-Making & Planning, Memory & Learning, Behavior & Emotion
  • Permanent cognitive repair from concussion
  • Sessions are conducted at the athlete’s convenience, from any internet connection
  • Clear, confidence-building measurements of progress

On and off the field, your athletes will perform better.  Learn more effectively.  Interact more productively.  And you’ll have a powerful tool to track progress, assess risk and document recovery.

Together, Neurologics Brain Maps and Neuroengineering represent a major leap in the standard of support your team can expect.  Support you can count on, your team can build on and your organization can recruit on.