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Uniting for Inclusivity and Wellness: Stress Awareness and Autism Awareness Month

Dear Brain Health Community,

This month, as we commemorate Autism Awareness Month and Stress Awareness Month, the Neurologics team is committed to fostering inclusivity, promoting brain health and well-being, and driving forward understanding and acceptance for all.

Join us as we delve into transformative stories, innovative solutions, and the boundless potential of the human mind.

Stories of Success: Transformative Testimonials

“He is becoming much more confident and having less frustrations in his daily life because the world around him is finally starting to make sense.” -R.G.

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At Neurologics, we recognize the distinct hurdles encountered by individuals on the autism spectrum and are unwavering in our commitment to providing personalized solutions to enhance cognitive function and overall quality of life.

In observance of Autism Awareness Month this April, Neurologics reaffirms its commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowerment through our pioneering brain optimization program.

Recognizing the challenges families face in seeking alternatives to medication for their loved ones with autism, we offer a non-invasive solution. Our focus remains on cultivating a holistic approach that emphasizes well-being and independence.

Together, let’s unite in raising awareness and promoting inclusivity.

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Cover of Dr. Claudia Black's book "Undaunted Hope: Stories of Healing from Trauma, Depression, and Addiction"

Undaunted Hope by Claudia Black, Ph.D.

We are thrilled to spotlight Dr. Claudia Black’s upcoming book, “Undaunted Hope: Stories of Healing from Trauma, Depression, and Addictions.”

As a renowned addiction author, speaker, and trainer, Claudia Black, Ph.D., is widely recognized for her groundbreaking work with family systems and addictive disorders.

“Undaunted Hope” promises to be a powerful addition to Dr. Black’s body of work, offering insights and narratives that delve into the complexities of healing from trauma, depression, and addictions.

At Neurologics, we eagerly anticipate delving into the pages of “Undaunted Hope,” knowing that it will undoubtedly provide invaluable resources and inspiration for our continued work in the field of neurology and mental health.

Dr. Claudia Black

Navigating Stress with Neurologics’ Innovative Brain Health Programs

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Stress Awareness Month serves as a reminder of our shared humanity and the diverse challenges we navigate. This observance presents an opportunity to deepen our comprehension of stress and its profound effects on mental and physical well-being. Stress Awareness Month emphasizes that effectively managing stress goes beyond mere coping with daily pressures; it entails nurturing long-term wellness and enhancing overall quality of life.

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Neurologics Neuroengineering® supports the quest for effective stress management. Utilizing advanced technology and brain training techniques, we enhance our clients’ cognitive capacity to handle stress, even in demanding situations.

Championing Brain Health at the 2024 NFL Draft

Caring for Players. Saving the Game.®

As the NFL prepares to welcome its newest talents, we remain dedicated to championing holistic well-being for athletes at every stage of their careers.

During the 2022 NFL Draft, our founder, Karen Odell-Barber, stood before news reporters to advocate for the inclusion of brain health initiatives in new players’ contracts.

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Karen Odell-Barber at the 2022 NFL Draft

This critical conversation underscores our unwavering commitment to prioritizing brain health for the Cognitive Athlete™.

For an in-depth look at Karen’s insights, be sure to check out the full interview on our social media channels.

Empowering Education: Tackling Brain Health with Special Education Law Experts

In the latest episode of the Tackling Brain Health podcast, Karen Odell-Barber hosts a compelling discussion with two exceptional special education and civil rights attorneys, Amanda Selogie and Vickie Brett, founders of their non-profit organization, Inclusive Education Project

From navigating the complexities of filing for due process to the reality of securing accommodations for students, they offer invaluable insights into their holistic approach to advocacy.

Tackling Brain Health continues to explore diverse topics related to brain health and empowerment, highlighting the crucial role of legal support in ensuring educational rights are upheld.

Tune into the latest episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or YouTube.

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Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Share your own story or interest in being a guest by reaching out to Your perspective enriches our exploration of brain health.

Unlocking Potential: Transformative Testimonial

Your Brain Optimized®

“I thought I was going to have to retire. My memory wasn’t what it used to be – this is a game changer. This has given me another 20 years of productivity.”

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Neurologics offers unparalleled insight into brain activities, helping individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses on a deeper level.

Neurologics’ targeted optimization is effective for:

  • Competitive athletes
  • Ambitious students
  • High-level executives
  • Women navigating menopause
  • Individuals with a family history of dementia
  • ADHD diagnoses
  • Addiction
  • Learning differences
Explore The Future of Brain Health with Neurologics

Explore The Future of Brain Health with Neurologics

Elite Brain Performance & Assessment

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated clients, passionate partners, and esteemed contributors who continue to inspire and drive our mission forward. Together, we stand at the forefront of innovation, compassion, and progress in the realm of brain health.

To learn more about Neurologics and how our groundbreaking technology can benefit you and your clients, visit our website at or call us at (855) 814-4983.

We look forward to continuing this incredible journey with all of you and advancing the field of brain health.

Warm regards,

Team Neurologics